Monroe Environmental

Monroe Environmental designs and manufactures water and wastewater clarification equipment as well as odor control and gas scrubbing systems for municipal and industrial use. Monroe shop assembles, pre-fits, and tests equipment before it is shipped to the job site. This unique business process, “T

Mid Atlantic Storage Systems / Statewide Aquastore

Mid Atlantic Storage Systems sells and installs bolted-steel tanks for the storage of water and wastewater. They offer three types of tanks: glass-coated-bolted-steel; epoxy-coated-bolted-steel; bolted stainless steel. MASSI also sells and installs aluminum dome roofs on various types of new or exis

Keystone Conveyor Corporation

Keystone Conveyor Corporation provides straightforward treatment solutions to help you meet your conveying system needs. Specializing in wastewater treatment plant applications we can design and provide the conveyor system to best suit your processing needs within your facility constraints. With

Keen Pump

THE PREMIER GRINDER PUMP AND SOLIDS-HANDLING PUMP. Providing you with over 200 years of employee pump experience, Keen Pump can serve you like no other company in the industry. Keen Pump offers a wide selection of grinder pumps, solids-handling pumps, pumping systems and controls for many fluid-h

KA Systems

KA Wastewater Treatment Plants "Solutions through Technology and Teamwork" Our Continuous Flow Sequencing Batch Reactor (CSBR) has a long proven track record in the Mid-Atlantic region.  With numerous plant installations achieving impressive removal numbers for BOD, NIT,DNIT and Phosphorous,

Excelsior Blowers

Excelsior Blower Systems is an industry leading engineer and manufacturer of blower packages and acoustic enclosures. As one of the largest blower package manufacturers in the nation we have the proven experience of thousands of installations worldwide. Blower Packages Standard Blower Packag


EnviroMix provides innovative mixing and process control technologies to a broad spectrum of municipal and industrial markets. Founded in 2008, the company delivers solutions that drive down energy costs, reduce operator demands, and enhance process performance. Utilizing patented and proprietary te

Entex Technologies

Entex Technologies In our commitment to a clean water environment, Entex offers an unequaled selection of advanced wastewater treatment solutions including fixed and moving media IFAS and SFF/MBBR Biological Systems and cloth disc Filtration Systems. Together, our best-in-class solutions effectivel


Duperon® is the leader in preliminary liquids/solids separation technologies and provides technologies for coarse screening, fine screening, low flow screening, ultra screening, washing compacting, and conveying.  Duperon technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan. Duperon


Contegra: Liquid Level Sensors & Pump Controllers Analog Level Sensors Analog Level Sensors: Contegra’s SLX line of Submersible Transducers and the Ultrix line of Ultrasonic transducers are typically used to measure the liquid level in sewage sumps, ground storage tanks, chemical tanks etc.