Mid Atlantic Storage Systems / Statewide Aquastore

Mid Atlantic Storage Systems sells and installs bolted-steel tanks for the storage of water and wastewater. They offer three types of tanks: glass-coated-bolted-steel; epoxy-coated-bolted-steel; bolted stainless steel. MASSI also sells and installs aluminum dome roofs on various types of new or existing tanks and reservoirs. They have installed 2,700 tanks in a ten state area.

Aquastore glass-fused-to-steel bolted liquid storage tanks. The Aquastore tank is considered the premier tank in the liquid storage industry. As the glass-fused-to-steel technology on both the tank interior and exterior is impermeable to chemicals, the tanks are ideal for any application from potable water to landfill leachate and more. The manufacturer has been providing glass bolted tanks storing liquid since the 1940’s. The bolted construction design requires a minimal foot print for installation and site clearing for huge staging areas is eliminated. The tanks are quickly, easily and economically expanded if storage requirements increase and the coating never needs to be replaced as it is permanent. Aquastore tanks are the lowest cost of maintenance tanks available and the “Choice of Tank” among the industry.

Hydrotec TS and CS bolted liquid storage tanks are an economical alternative to Aquastore when project costs are the significant driving factor for a project. Hydrotec tanks have a backed on epoxy coating on both the interior and exterior surfaces. The Hydrotec tanks have been constructed since the 19th century and are the finest quality epoxy bolted tanks on the market.

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