IXOM -SolarBee Wastewater Applications

IXOM SolarBee solar-powered and GridBee grid-connected mixers are deployed and proven effective in many municipal wastewater systems with otherwise serious problems ranging from odor control to EPA discharge permit violations to high energy costs. Regardless of the type of wastewater system you have, the IXOM team will work with you to understand the theory of operation of your system, the likely causes of your problems, and will help you find a solution.

SolarBee solar-powered mixers are designed for large or remote ponds and basins that do not have available utility power. We also offer our highly effective mixing technology in energy-efficient GridBee grid-connected mixers for partial-mix systems, activated sludge reactor basins, or any ponds or basins with available utility power. Regardless of your power choice, your wastewater system will receive the same great benefits provided by SolarBee’s thorough mixing.

SolarBee Waterwaster

Wastewater Benefits:

  • Reduces energy consumption by reducing aeration/mixing equipment run-time
  • Provides complete mixing in partial and total mix systems
  • Improves performance of facultative pond systems
  • Improves BOD, TSS and ammonia reduction
  • Controls odors (odor capping systems available)
  • Improves sludge digestion, reduces the need for dredging
  • Reduces short-circuiting and fecal coliform counts

Sludge reduction:

Enhanced organic sludge reduction often comes as a bonus in SolarBee wastewater mixing projects. SolarBee offers a no-charge wastewater evaluation to help get your energy savings projects off the ground, and we also offer an on-site sludge profile study. Learn more.

Mixing in Problem Wet Wells

Grid Bee AP500 Air Powered System

Perfect for mixing wet wells, lift stations, small tanks and ponds, the GridBee AP500 Air-Powered Mixer has no moving parts in the water and no electricity in the water, offering years of maintenance-free operation. This mixer is generally recommended in basins or tanks up to 50,000 gallons, depending on the application. Packaged as a system, the AP500 includes the air unit, air hose, and retrieval chain. Note: this mixer is not NSF-certified and is not suitable for use in potable water.
SolarBee Waterwaste Before After Maker AP500

Lagoon Systems Applications:

  • Facultative Ponds
  • Partial Mix / Aerated Ponds
  • Complete Mix Ponds

Activated Sludge Systems Applications:

  • Reactor Basins
  • De-nitrification Basins
  • Sludge Storage Basins
  • Equalization Basins

All Wastewater Systems:

  • Effluent Storage Ponds (Water Reuse)
  • Chlorination and Dechlorination Contact Chambers.