Whipps, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-quality fabricated water control gates in the United States. Founded in 1977 by George Whipps, Whipps, Inc. holds the distinction of being under the same ownership longer than any other gate manufacturer in the United States. Fabricated equipment such as sluice/slide gates (aka penstocks), stop logs, hand-pull stop gates, flap gates, shear gates, mud valves, telescoping valves and tilting weirs are produced at the company headquarters in Athol, Massachusetts.

Water control gates manufactured by Whipps Inc. have been provided for projects throughout North America including all 50 states in the United States as well as nine of the ten provinces in Canada. Whipps, Inc. has provided gates for numerous overseas projects in countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey, China, Philippines, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Lebanon, New Zealand and others. These orders have ranged in size from one or two small gates to several dozen large gates with complex operating systems.

At this time, Whipps, Inc. is the market leader for high-quality fabricated gates for the water/wastewater industry in the United States and we stand ready to play an ever expanding role in the water control gate industry in the years ahead.


Norristown PA - Norristown Dam
Janesville WI WWTP - Stainless Steel Slide Gates