Wastewater Level, LLC (FOGROD®)

ONLY Available in Eastern Pennsylvania 

Wastewater Level LLC is a specialist company. We designed the FOGRod to create the simplest and highest reliability level measurement device for wastewater applications. We don’t do anything else.

FOGRod – The FOGRod ideally hangs in the turbulent part of the wetwell where the grease is broken up – but not directly under the inflow. Turbulence keeps the FOGRod relatively clean. Screw the mounting bracket into the wetwell wall just below the cover and hang the FOGRod from the S-hook.

  • No moving parts, sensors, or electronics in the wetwell
  • Can’t run the pumps dry
  • Failsafe
  • Alarms when it needs cleaning
  • Easy to clean – pull it through the cleaning pad
  • Simple and quick to install
  • No rewiring of your control system
  • No configuration or calibration
  • As easy to understand as floats
  • Class I Division 2 with no barrier, Division 1 with barrier (and ATEX zone 0)

Level Indicator Transmitter – The LIT (Level Indicator Transmitter) clips onto DIN rail in the panel. The FOGRod cable is wired into the color coded terminals.