It’s not wastewater. It’s resource water

Veolia Water Technologies applies its global sewage treatment leadership to extract the full value from wastewater. We help our clients generate reusable water and produce fertilizer, nutrients and energy for heat and electrical power. We provide efficient solutions to reduce municipalities’ ecological  impact by implementing wastewater treatment technologies that meet the stringest reglementation standards.

We develop technologies for safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day sewage treatment plant operations, whatever the size.

Our solutions contribute to customized, efficient and cost-effective solutions covering the complete wastewater treatment cycle.

Mectan – Induced Vortex Grit Chamber

The Mectan™ vortex grit system is a circular chamber that takes full advantage of the tangential inflow velocity along the peripheral wall of the chamber to assist in the grit removal process. The circular design will handle large flow rates in a fraction of the footprint of conventional aerated units. The grit is transferred from the grit well to classifier via pump or air-lift.


Mectan V is the new generation for induced vortex grit removal for wastewater pretreatment applications. Based on CFD analysis and real-world results, the new design provides increased efficiency (>20%) with the possibility to position the outlet channel in any desired direction. Its features include: increased grit removal, low headloss, low power requirement and decreased carbon footprint.



The Hydrotech Discfilter is a mechanical and self-cleaning filter that offers a large filter area in a small footprint.

  • Discfilters 2600 series
  • Discfilters 2200 series
  • Discfilters 1700, 2100 and 3100 series


  • The water to be treated flows by gravity into the filter segments from the center drum. Solids catch on the inside of the filter panels mounted on the two sides of the disc segments.
  • As the solids catch on the inside of the filter media impeding the flow of water through the disc, the water level inside the discs begin to rise, triggering a level sensor to start the disc to rotate and a backwash cycle begins.
  • High pressure rinse water wash the solids off the filter media into the solids collection trough. Typically the backwash requires 0,05-3% of the total filtered water flow.


The Hydrotech Drumfilter is a mechanical and self-cleaning filter specially designed for high performance in systems where it is essential to prevent particles from fragmentation.

  • High filtration efficiency
  • Patented construction and Modular design


  • The water is filtered through the periphery of the drum. Backwash of the filter is only required according the loading of particles.
  • Assisted by the filter panels special cell structure, the particles are carefully separated from the water during backwash.
  • Separated solids are rinsed off the filter cloth into the solids collection trough and discharged.