IXOM SolarBee Potable Water Solutions


SolarBee Potable Tank Mixing: Active mixing in water storage tanks ensures uniform distribution of disinfectants and prevents stagnant water areas. Well-mixed tanks consume fewer disinfectant chemicals, produce fewer disinfection by-products, and eliminate the need for energy-intensive and costly deep-cycling or flushing.SolarBee mixers’ energy-efficient, high-volume flow capabilities can be used to increase the baffle factor and actual T10 detention time in your treatment plant. (T10 is the time at which 90 percent of the water remains in the CT basin.) Increased detention time allows a lower chlorine level to be used to meet the required CT, or chlorine concentration multiplied by time. A lower chlorine level will lower your total trihalomethane (TTHM) potential.

SolarBee THM Removal Systems: The EPA Stage 2 disinfection byproducts rule, with locational maximums for TTHM  (80 ug/l) and HAA (60 ug/l), has resulted in compliance pressure for many cities.
Medora Corporation THM Removal Systems are high-performance systems that are easy to install and have the lowest cost in the market.Customer, contractor, or factory installation is available in most cases“Try before you buy”¬†– Our equipment can be rented first, and converted to a purchase later

SolarBee ResidualHQ Automated Disinfectant Control Systems