Griffin Residuals

Converting Wastes into Class A and Organic Residuals

Griffin Residuals builds and operates regional Drying-as-a-Service (DaaS) biosolids processing facilities that solve the costly and complex problems associated with sludge disposal. Griffin Residuals eliminates municipalities’ capital and technology risks by providing the capital and operating costs for environmentally and financially sustainable biosolids solutions.

Own/Operate Model

Griffin Residuals provides the capital, installs and operates regional residuals processing facilities that de-risk the financial and technology risks of sludge/biosolids/residuals handling.

The Economics of Residuals

Drying-as-a-Service promotes more economical and environmentally sound residuals management. We eliminate the capital costs and exorbitant disposal expense of biosolids management – simple solutions with immediate savings. 

Regional Facilities and Colocated Hosting

Griffin Residuals installs and operates regional drying facilities that enable small, medium and large municipalities and residuals producers to process biosolids and residuals at lower costs and with more environmentally-sound practices.