Fairbanks Nijhuis a Division of Pentair


With the Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis product line, Pentair offers the industry’s most complete set of solutions, products and services to municipal and industrial customers. A wide variety of pumps, pump systems and turbines serve multiple applications including water treatment, sewage and waste water, and flood control. Pentair also delivers professional services including installation, maintenance, repair and training.



The Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis solids handling pumps have an international reputation for the handling capacity of solids, slurries, sludge, pulp, trash, sewage, and grit, combined with high efficiencies. These pumps are designed to pass solids, trash, and long stringy materials. They come with a single, double or triple blade screw impeller having a wide free passage which provides an extremely smooth resistance-free path for solids containing fibers.

The Fairbanks Nijhuis solids handling pumps can be designed with a single, double, triple or screw channel impeller. All types have wide impeller passages, which provide an extremely smooth resistance-free path for solids. The pumps are available in both horizontal (type (E)RW), and vertical (type (E)RWV) configurations, with a variety of mounting arrangements and nozzle positions to suit piping configurations and pumping station designs.

The Screw Impeller Centrifugal Pumps with single blade screw type impeller are ideal for handling raw sewage which contains stringy fibrous material and for handling sewage sludge up to 10% dry solid content. This kinetic energy pump uses centrifugal force to deliver water in a steady stream to create pressure. This pump has three available configurations: horizontal (type SRW), horizontal close-coupled (SRWc) and vertical (type SRWV). Most sizes of this pump type are executed with an adjustable wearing cone on the outside of the pump.



The Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis’ split case pump is the right choice for a wide range of applications. This pump configuration exceeds the characteristics of two smaller single suction pumps or one larger single suction pump, offering superior performance in terms of efficiency, maintenance and footprint.

High efficiency
The shapes of impeller and pump casings are optimized to achieve the highest possible efficiency for the specific design flow rate and pressure head. Off design characteristics are optimized to give each pump a wide operating range, ensuring that cavitation limits are not exceeded.

Ease of maintenance

The pumps are easy to maintain as the upper half can be removed without dismantling pipe connections and driver components so that the alignment is not disturbed. In addition, our service department offers financially attractive service and maintenance contracts, which guarantee that downtime in pumping installations is kept to a minimum.


By using double suction impellers and double volute casings Fairbanks Nijhuis supplies pumps with low vibration and noise levels. A double volute reduces radial thrust, resulting in longer service life for bearings and seals.