Entex Technologies

In our commitment to a clean water environment, Entex offers an unequaled selection of advanced wastewater treatment solutions including fixed and moving media IFAS and SFF/MBBR Biological Systems and cloth disc Filtration Systems. Together, our best-in-class solutions effectively address space constraints and budget concerns as well as ever increasing demands for higher quality effluent and increased plant capacity.
Entex can provide biological systems for complete carbon and nutrient removal, including biological phosphorus and biological nitrogen control in a variety of in-basin flow sheet configurations. Entex WebitatTM modules are being used in lagoon upgrades to address nitrification requirements.

Entex Filtration Systems can be integrated to meet increasingly stringent solids, total nitrogen and phosphorus effluent standards. As the only provider of both fixed media systems (BioWeb) and moving media systems (BioPortz) in both the IFAS and MBBR configurations, we can offer you an unbiased assessment and design the system that is right for you.

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