Ecoremedy is committed to environmental stewardship by revolutionizing the way agriculture, industry, and municipalities recover energy, nutrients, and value from their organic waste. Their dedicated team of engineers, scientists, leaders, and investors is committed to delivering world-class energy and nutrient recovery solutions. With unprecedented flexibility, they design and implement innovative and environmentally responsible waste treatment systems for the specialized needs of their clients.


Tested. Proven. Approved. 

Fluid Lift Gasification™ technology is at the core of each Ecoremedy® project. Ecoremedy integrates comprehensive processing systems with guaranteed performance. Depending on the project, system components may include:

Metering Bins                               Dryers Steam                    Turbine Generators

Fully Automated                  Controls Conveyors        Emission Control 

Building and Foundation          Mixing Equipment           Steam or Hot Water Boilers 

The Fluid Lift Gasification (FLG) process is the world’s most advanced platform for simultaneous gasification pyrolysis, nutrition, and energy recovery from industrial and municipal waste biosolids. 

Ecoremedy’s proprietary design incorporates over 25 years of gasification and thermal oxidation reactor design with industry-standard components to produce a completely modular, scalable, and economical solution to the world’s most challenging residuals conversion and disposal issues. 

The Ecoremedy combination of advanced engineering, modular design, and unmatched scalability provides a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative for the treatment of industrial or municipal residuals. The advantages are clear: the Ecoremedy Fluid Lift Gasification process delivers flexible, safe, and profitable carbon-conversion options for the world’s most challenging organic residuals



The Ecoremedy® Fluid Lift Gasification™ technology allows operators to switch in real-time between three different modes:

Class A Biosolids

Using energy from the Fluid Lift Gasification process, the rotary drum dryer produces low-dust, Class A biosolids. This product meets EPA standards for land application with no restrictions and can be used as an alternative renewable fuel.

Maximum Volume Reduction

All dried material is returned to the process for maximum reduction to Low-Carbon FlexChar™ and maximum renewable energy recovery. This reduces incoming waste volume by over 95%, which reduces truck traffic and landfill costs.

High-Carbon FlexChar

All dried material is returned to the process to produce High-Carbon FlexChar, with full control by the operator to tailor the carbon content of the product. This high degree of control allows for optimization of the product for applications ranging from agricultural use to filtration of contaminants from water.


By adjusting residence times and oxygen levels in the gasifier, Ecoremedy offers the unique ability to balance energy recovery and the carbon content of FlexChar.  This allows our customers to accommodate changes in seasons, regulations, energy costs, and development of biochar markets over the 25-year life of a project.