Contegra: Liquid Level Sensors & Pump Controllers

Analog Level Sensors

Analog Level Sensors: Contegra’s SLX line of Submersible Transducers and the Ultrix line of Ultrasonic transducers are typically used to measure the liquid level in sewage sumps, ground storage tanks, chemical tanks etc. 

Contegra’s flagship product, the SLX 130 Submersible Transducer is available with either a current (4-20mADC two-wire loop powered) or voltage (0.5-4.5VDC) output.  The SLX 130 is designed to stand-up in difficult environments.  Its wetted parts of PVC, Viton® and Teflon® are resilient in many aggressive chemical environments.  Its large (2.5″ diameter) Teflon-faced, unobstructed diaphragm eliminates the possibility of a sludge-plugged nose-cone and minimizes the formation of an encrusted end cap.  Additionally, the SLX 130 transducer’s PVC housing provides an additional level of electrical isolation in installations that experience “ground bounce” (i.e. an elevated ground potential due to nearby lightning events).  The SLX 130 has been designed to provide years of reliable, trouble-free service.    

Discrete Level sensors: Contegra’s FS 90 is an environmentally friendly mercury free float switch. 
The FS 90 has a 5.5” stainless steel float ball.  (The float is made of type 316 stainless steel.)  The FS 90 contains a Form-C contact (i.e. both a N.O. and N.C. contact).  The float’s flexible cable has a rugged thermoplastic jacket that is designed to provide years of reliable service.  The magnetically actuated switch is rated for tens of millions of operations. The FS 90 is available with either a cable or pipe mounting clip.  The cable mounting clip secures the float switch to 1/8th inch diameter suspension cable.  The pipe clip secures the float to a 1” pipe (nominal OD = 1.3”).    

Pump Controllers

Analog Controllers: The Station Master 700 Series
Contegra’s line of Station Master® Pump Controllers work in conjunction with analog sensors to provide duplex, triplex or quadruplex pump control.  The Station Master 700 series (i.e. 702, 703 and 704) provide automatic control for duplex (SM702), triplex (SM703) or quadruplex (SM704) applications.  The controllers may be configured for either pump-up (tank filling) or pump-down (i.e. tank emptying) applications. 

The Station Master 700 series of controllers contain a 6” color/touch display and an inter-connected IO module.  (The HMI is door mounted.  The IO module is panel mounted.)  Controllers are available for use in applications with constant-speed or variable-speed pumps.    The door mounted HMI provides an EZ2-See/EZ2-Set operator interface which allows the operator to easily see relevant information and make necessary adjustments.  The panel mounted IO module allows the wiring to remain on the back panel and thus reduces installation costs.  The SM700 hierarchical display structure allows an operator to concentrate on the adjustments that are necessary for day-to-day operation.  However, the controller also provides a unique level of configuration and thus allows it to address the needs of a wide variety of applications.

Discrete (Float) Controllers: The CD-Series of controllers
The CD-Series of controllers provide duplex or triplex control based on the operation of associated float switches.  Further, the CD-Series of controllers may be used for either primary (e.g. CD-2PC) or redundant control (e.g. CD-2Rc).  The redundant controllers are typically used as a back-up to a primary control system.

Float Switch
SM503V Triplex Pump Controller