PureAir Filtration

No one solution meets the varied needs of different odor control applications. Understanding the unique needs of different applications and responding with designs to fit your needs is PureAir Filtrations specialty.

Our five odor control solution products feature:

  • Multiple materials of construction to fit the client’s need and budget – Fiberglass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, HDPE
  • Multiple, long lasting adsorbent medias in each unit – to capture all odors
  • Preconditioning of the air to optimize the system performance – standard mist and grease elimination and optional humidity reduction
  • Monitoring of the media consumption – two options: the standard visual media bed monitor and the optional Electronic Media bed Monitor (EBM)


Drum Scrubber

The PureAir Drum Scrubber is a completely self-contained vent control system for small-flow odor air streams ranging in volume without prefiltering or mist/grease elimination.

            • Typical applications are small and low cost
            • Constructed of HDPE, FRP
            • Airflow range is up to 1,000 CFM

Vertical Bed Scrubber (VBS)

The PureAir Vertical Bed Scrubber (VBS) provides continuous high efficiency air purification for contaminated air streams.

  • A completely self-contained, vertical airflow unit
  • Potential for air bypass is completely eliminated with the system’s vertical airflow
  • Available in blow-through, draw-through, or dual bed configurations


Packed Bed System (PBS)

The PureAir PBS System is a completely self-contained, horizontal airflow package.

  • Low profile, multiple beds, lowest noise
  • Horizontal configuration
  • Easy bulk loading and unloading


V-Bank Transition System (VTS)

The PureAir VTS system is a high-volume, low-maintenance solution for industrial and wastewater odor control.

  • High airflow, multiple beds
  • Total solution with customizable beds
  • Provides airflows up to 40,000 CFM


Radial Flow (VRF)

The PureAir Radial Flow Vortex System is a round tank design meant for high airflows (above 4,000 CFM) where footprint is more of a concern than height.

  • Provides a high airflow solution in a small footprint
  • Round tank design that swirls the air through a column of absorbent media
  • Provides airflows up to 40,000 CFM