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Providing you with over 200 years of employee pump experience, Keen Pump can serve you like no other company in the industry. Keen Pump offers a wide selection of grinder pumps, solids-handling pumps, pumping systems and controls for many fluid-handling applications. Ranging in sizes from 1 HP to 350 HP pumps, Keen pumps are in continuous duty around the world.

Keen Pump family products

Keen Grinder Pumps

The KEEN GRINDER PUMP centrifugal grinder pumps easily handle residential, commercial or industrial sanitary waste, reducing it to fine slurry. The grinder pumps are designed for use in pressure sewer applications or any piping network.

The grinder pump retrofits into many existing competitor pump installations and operates with the same control panel and installation piping / rail system.  The recessed vortex impeller design of the grinder pump provides trouble free, non-overloading operation over the entire performance curve.

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Keen Solids-Handling Submersible Sewage Pumps

Keen Pump Company, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our “Gen II” Submersible Solids-Handling Pump Lineup. Available in 1 to 300 horsepower, 3 to 24-inch discharge, Keen Pump Company, Inc. offers vortex and two-vane enclosed impellers. As Keen Pump Company, Inc. is on the leading edge of the wastewater industry, our unmatched engineering group, armed with the latest engineering software, has successfully combined experience and modern tools to design more high-quality products for 2013. All of these new products are designed, built, and tested in Ashland, Ohio.

Standard Features are Class 1, Division 1, Groups C & D construction; Epoxy-filled Cord entry; U.S. built motors, oil-cooled for maximum heat dissipation; 3-bearing support; Dual Silicon-Carbide Seals; Moisture Probes.

Keen Pump is introducing new engineered oil for this product, having a lower T-code than “industry standard,” allowing our motors to run at a reduced temperature throughout every cycle.

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Direct Replacements for Residential Grinder Pumps

Retro-fit System replacement package for E/One® GP 200 and GP 2000 systems*.

  • Fits into the Existing System – No Changes
  • Eliminates Existing Problems
  • Better Pump Performance – More Flow
  • Reduces Service / Maintenance Issues
  • Saves Money

*E/One® is a registered trademark of Environment One Corporation and is not affiliated with Keen Pumps nor Kappe Associates, Inc.

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Fiberglass Basin Packages

Keen Pump provides complete residential and commercial fiberglass basin packages. These systems are complete with the pumps, lift-out slide rail system, discharge piping, junction box, level controls and brackets, and control panels. Some of our packages can be shipped within two weeks after receipt of order.

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