EPI Engineered Pump

The POSI CHOPPER PUMP is designed for demanding applications where fluids latent with waste products clog conventional shrouded, open and vortex impellers. Not to mention the ancillary problems with downstream piping, valves and head works blockages.

The advent of modern “flushable” materials, and next generation plastics results in clogged pumps, piping, valves, and head works, adding costly downtime and man hours to remedy the situation,not to mention possible damage to the pump.

The POSI CHOPPER PUMP incorporates superior three stage chop-ping design features and materials:

  • RANGE: 2”- 8”, 150HP, Submersible, Vertical or Horizontal dry installations.
  • IMPELLER— 28% HARD CHROME(RC 60+) – Open design, profiled leading edge on each blade.
  • SERRATED CUTTER PLATE—28% HARD CHROME(RC 60+) Inlet and Outlet serrated cutting surfaces.
  • AUGER FEEDER—28% HARD CHROME(RC60+) – Tapered and capable of up to 10% sludge by content.
  • CUTTER BLADES—D2 TOOL STEEL(RC 60+) – Easily adjustable cutter blades.
  • MECHANICAL SEAL— Robust block design in SS housing with SC/SC, WC/WC faces and Viton O Rings.
  • CASING—DUCTILE IRON for superior durability.
  • SHAFTS—Standard 17/4PH.

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Before Rehab – Falls Township PA
Pump Before Rehab
After Rehab including piping changes – Falls Township PA
After Rehab including piping changes