Overcoming Municipal Water Treatment Challenges

When treating water for municipalities, the challenge goes beyond just producing the required quality and quantity. Growing population needs, variable water sources, increasing water source scarcity, and regulatory pressures all combine to increase complexity. Municipal water treatment plants require reliable water treatment technologies to effectively produce high quality water. If plagued by PFAS and PFOS, reverse osmosis is an excellent remedy.

Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) systems excel where other reverse osmosis systems fail.  CCRO systems provide maximum water recovery of up to 98% plus a resistance to fouling, scaling leading your municipality to effort and worry free water purification.


Potable Water

Reverse osmosis is often used for potable water production and a reliable system is essential. If municipal water is coming from a source such as a river, lake, reservoir or even a well – the water can change seasonally and only Desalitech’s CCRO systems can automatically adapt to those changes.


Treating seawater or high salinity water of any kind can be difficult. It generally uses a lot of energy and the process is unreliable. With CCRO, you can treat high salinity water (even a varying level of salinity if needed) with ease and record low energy use.