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Monroe Environmental logoMonroe Environmental designs and manufactures water and wastewater clarification equipment as well as odor control and gas scrubbing systems for municipal and industrial use. Monroe shop assembles, pre-fits, and tests equipment before it is shipped to the job site. This unique business process, “The Monroe Method”, maximizes uptime by eliminating field misfits that can delay the project and drive up cost. Equipment installs quickly the first time so your plant can be up and running at full capacity in the shortest amount of time possible.

Monroe’s equipment designs are tailored to meet the needs of your specific application. Materials of construction can include mild/coated steel, stainless steel, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, FRP, and many others. They can inspect, analyze, and make recommendations for existing systems as well as completely design new units for your next project. Monroe Environmental is registered ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 company.

Water and Wastewater Clarification

Circular ClarifiersCircular Clarifiers – Conventional gravity settling circular clarifiers for use in primary, secondary, solids-contact (flocculating), and sludge thickening applications

  • New, rebuild, and retrofit services
  • Sludge Collection Designs - Scraper Rake, Spiral Scraper, Suction Header, & Riser-Pipe
  • Sizes from 3’ - 250’ in diameter

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Plate Settlers and Tube Settlers – Improves throughput and settling capacity of new and existing sedimentation basins at water treatment plants

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Sludge Collection System – Efficient solids collection and discharge from rectangular clarifiers and sedimentation basins

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Vertical & Horizontal Clarifiers Vertical & Horizontal Clarifiers – Stand-alone tanks with a series of inclined plates for efficient suspended and dissolved solids removal for a variety of applications

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Air/Gas Cleaning & Odor Control

Air Stripping Towers – VOC and odor removal from a variety of water sources using clean air

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Carbon AdsorbersCarbon Adsorbers – Dry scrubbing via activated carbon and other dry media for removal of VOCs, odorous compounds, oil vapors, and gas phase hydrocarbons

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Packed Bed Scrubbers – Chemical scrubbers for removal of VOCs, odors, and acid gases such as H2S, HCL, NH3, and many other soluble pollutants

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100 Wormans Mill Court
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-846-0200

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