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John Meunier logoFounded in 1948, John Meunier Inc. is a North American supplier of wastewater headworks equipment and stormwater management equipment. With a wide range of technologies, John Meunier designs, manufactures and services wastewater treatment plants. John Meunier invests in R&D to meet growing environmental regulations and market needs.  Part of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, John Meunier Inc. emphasizes Service, Value and Responsibility: industry leading service, quality products and technologies respecting the environment.


  • Escalator® Perforated Fine Screen
  • Cont-Flo® Type CF Reciprocating Rake, Back-cleaning Bar Screen
  • Cont-Flo® Type ER Front-clean, Multi-rake Bar Screen
  • Rotarc® Type SB In-channel Auger Fine Screen
  • Rotarc® Type SD In-channel Rotating Drum Screen
  • Rotarc® Type RCR Arc Bar Screen
  • Rotarc® Type RDB Perforated Arc Screen
  • Rotopac® Type RPW Shafted Screenings Washing Compactor
  • Rotopac® Type RDW Shaftless Screw Washing Compactor
  • Rotopac® Type RCW Two-stage Washing Compactor
  • Rotopac® Type RLK Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Grit Removal

  • Mectan® Induced Vortex Grit Chamber

  • SAM® Grit Dewatering Screw
  • SAM® Type GFW Grit Washer

Packaged Headworks

  • Seprapac Type PCC Compact Packaged Headworks
  • Seprapac Type PCS Packaged Headworks

CSO Flow Control

  • Hydrovex® CCV Circular Flap Check Valve
  • Hydrovex® FluidCasca Cascading Float Gate
  • Hydrovex® FluidGate Control Gate
  • Hydrovex® FluidHook Control Gate
  • Hydrovex® FluidMID Magmeter Regulating Gate
  • Hydrovex® FluidMoon Adjustable Knife-gate
  • Hydrovex® FluidVertic Vertical Vortex Valve
  • Hydrovex® HHV-E Vortex Driven Regulator
  • Hydrovex® LCV Elongated Flap Check Valve
  • Hydrovex® Pond Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator
  • Hydrovex® Tipper Flow Measurement Device
  • Hydrovex® TTT Thistle Tube Throttle
  • Hydrovex® Turbo Flow Regulator
  • Hydrovex® VHV-SVHV Vertical Vortex Flow Regulator

CSO Storage and Treatment

  • Hydrovex® FluidSep Vortex Separator
  • Hydrovex® SFT Sediment Flusher
  • Hydrovex® Clari Self Regulating Outlet Port

CSO Overflow Control

  • Hydrovex® ARS Air Regulated Siphon
  • Hydrovex® BW Bending Weir
  • Hydrovex® Flap Spring-loaded Weir
  • Hydrovex® FluidWing Overflow Weir

CSO Screens

  • Hydrovex® FluidScreen Oscillating Bar Rack
  • Hydrovex® RDS Rotary Drum Sieve
  • OS-LP CSO Bypass Screen
  • Stormguard Perforated CSO Bypass Screen

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Corporate Headquarters
100 Wormans Mill Court
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-846-0200

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