EnviroMix brings innovative mixing & process control technologies to a broad spectrum of municipal and industrial markets. Compared to other mixing methods, direct benefits of EnviroMix include enhanced mixing performance, reduced energy requirements, little or no maintenance, lower operating costs, and optional turn-key retrofit of large existing installations.



The BioMix system provides rigorous mixing for a variety of applications in the municipal and industrial markets. The system utilizes a patented product design with proven components to fire short bursts of compressed gas through nozzles attached to the bottom of a process tank. Electrical power requirements are very low, consisting of just the power required to run the gas source and the electronic BioMix control panel. The control system provides operators the ability to modify the mixing intensity and location based on specific operating needs, thus gaining efficiencies in air consumption and power usage. Case studies have identified the BioMix system as having a 60%+ reduction in power usage against the leading submersible mechanical mixer in comparably sized applications.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits:

  • Significant energy reduction
  • Uniform Mixing in basins of any geometry
  • System scalibility by leveraging compressed air supply to efficiently mix 40 tanks
  • No moving parts in the mixed liquor - all key components above the tank level
  • No maintenance of in-tank components


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The BioMix-AD™ compressed gas mixing system provides uniform mixing through an array of nozzles in an anaerobic digester. This patented technology utilizes a number of parameters to control the firing of the gas injection valves in order to mix a specific sludge and tank geometry both vertically and horizontally.  The BioMix-AD system incorporates a distributed energy model that significantly introduces more mixing energy inputs then inefficient legacy technologies in the market.  Our approach is proven to be far more energy-efficient and provide better mixing as demonstrated by off-gas flow data analysis and mixing performance results.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits: 

  • Complete tank mixing with 90%+ active volume
  • Reduced energy demand ~30-60%
  • Increased gas flow production ~23%
  • No mainrenance of in-tank components
  • No moving parts in the mixed liquor - all key components above the tank level
  • Flexibility in zone control

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The BioCycle™ process is an automated mixing and aeration system that operates on real-time process parameters or a time-based control system. This patented process integrates the BioMix™ compressed gas mixing system with a facility’s new or existing aeration system to be optimized for biological phosphorus release, simultaneous nitrification/denitrification, and alkalinity recovery in a single reactor.  By decoupling the aeration and mixing functions with a process control system, operators can now utilize existing basins flexibility to control Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels, taper aeration, and cycle between aerobic and anoxic phases.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits:

  • Energy Reduction 
  • Retrofit conventional activated sludge processes, oxidated ditches and aerobic sludge digesters
  • Reduce Filamentous bacteria
  • Reduce the level of nitrogen in the aeration tank and recover alkalinity
  • Improve settleability of solids in the clarifier

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The AquaBlend system provides mixing for water storage and flocculation tanks by firing short bursts of compressed gas through NSF-compliant piping and engineered nozzles. The AquaBlend controller air injection valve intermittently fires to blend from the tank bottom to the water surface creating homogenous conditions, or fired in such a manner as to produce a particular velocity gradient (G value) and tapered flocculation. The large bubbles create a distinctive mixing pattern, or “tank roll”, which is driven by inherent flexibility in the controls system.

Features & Field-Proven Benefits:

  • Bottom-up mixing in tanks of any size
  • Gentile, no shear floc formation
  • Non-clogging of in-tank components
  • No maintenance of in-tank components
  • Easy-access, external maintenance
  • Low power usage

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