A3-USA logoA3-USA offers the latest wastewater technology combined with the advantages that a small company provides – personalized service, attention to detail, and low cost.  They supply plants and equipment that apply membrane technology to water and wastewater treatment processes. They also offer a full range of consulting services for their projects. Services and products include, but are not limited to:

Membrane Bioreactors (MBR) - Plate Ultrafiltration Membranes

Design and supply of complete new MBR wastewater treatment plants using both modular container construction for small municipal and industrial applications, and large scale wastewater treatment plants.

Design and supply of equipment to optimize existing treatment facilities to increase capacity and improve effluent quality.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Plants

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) PlantsBenefits

  • Operation at higher MLSS concentration resulting in a more robust process
  • Compact footprint
  • Lower waste sludge production
  • Ease of operation and less operator attention
  • Sludge generated from the process requires less dewatering due to the high solid content
  • Disinfection is reduced or eliminated
  • Provides consistent, superior effluent quality
  • Effluent is reusable / recyclable

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) PlantsApplications & Clients

  • On-lot treatment systems for single or multifamily homes
  • Compact containerized package plants
  • Larger scale MBR plants using onsite concrete basins
  • Water reuse and recycling
  • Military camps - mobile package units
  • Commercial users such as hotels and casinos
  • Industrial users such as steel plants, glass factories, etc
  • Real estate developers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Small municipal communities
  • Areas that have enacted stringent wastewater effluent regulations
  • Industries that are forced to update they current treatment facilities
  • Emphasis on areas with dwindling water resources
  • Cleaning of pond water
  • Landfill leachate pre-treatment for reverse osmosis

Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis PlantsUltrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis Plants

Design and supply of equipment for filtration of highly contaminated effluents from industries including textile, food and chemical manufacturers with integrated recycle streams, landfill leachate treatment plants, drinking water treatment plants, and desalination plants.

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